Tuesday, October 25, 2011



  1. Hi! i am a chilean citicen from the town of copiapo ! my dearest friend Javiera was a fan of your art entirely, she pass away 1 week ago and i want to now if you sell that paint"forever"? and if you not tell me what you sell, 'cos i want to give that paint to her family and if i can get one for me ^^, other thing! your have amazing hands man! hahahahaha, in other point I ask you because i have see "Sold" in other pictures, just for that i ask you! thanks for reed! and give attention to a person that you maybe never see in your life :)

    1. Hi Sergio, I just came across your message so sorry for the late reply, . . . . and sorry to hear about your friend. This piece has been sold, but I still sell prints of it. I've never shipped anything to Chile before, but if you'd like one, let me know and i'll look into what it would cost to send one down there. Thanks for the message and take it easy. Brian